• Chuga Lychee - Soju is light yet flavourful "lychee martini” in a bottle. Serve chilled and enjoy it as a shot or a slow sip.Mix it into traditional cocktail recipes, beers or Asian iced and jelly desserts.
  • Chuga Muscat Grape Soju - is sweet with a light & floral fragrance, pairs well with beer (if you like fruity-tasting beers) or yoghurt-based cocktails. Muscat grapes are better in soju than wine!
  • Chuga watermelon Soju - perfect to drink chilled as a shot or mixed in with clear fizzy soft drinks. Cool down with this drink on a hot day, and feel fresh! 12% ABV.
  • Chuga peach Soju - Sweet, juicy with little acidity. Perfect to mix into cocktails and even in a Peach Cobbler dessert (to make dinners more interesting). 12% ABV.

Chuga Soju Mix and Match 10x360ml ( Bundle of 10 )